How to Connect With Your Child, Even on Your Bad Days


Parents want the best for their kids, and sometimes the pressure to be the best parent you can be weighed down on a parent. 

Kids, on the other hand, can be pesky. They want to have all the freedom to do whatever they want – leaving dirty socks on the sofa, breaking a few things here and there, and fighting with their siblings.

Sometimes in a bid to correct the kids, you may feel you’ve gone overboard and the kid now feels irritated and unloved. This causes a buildup of tension between you and the kids.

If you want to always remain connected with your kids, below are some tips you can try:

Organize 4-5 connection activities every month

Have you ever felt guilty of getting too busy to sit and play with your kids? If you have specific dates when the family can come together, then it will force every member of the family to make time for such activities. Play reconnects family members by triggering oxytocin and other connection hormones.

Get Silly!

Don’t take parenting so seriously that you can’t get down and be involved in the “silly” things that your child does. Laugh at their jokes, play with mud and get dirty, run around and make faces. Just loosen up and behave like a child.

Read Together

No child can resist a good story. Get some good books that you can read together with your kids. You can even come up with a library date when all the family members come together just to read.

Have a discussion with your kids


Get off your phone/computer so you can spend more time with your kids. You can as well have screen-free days when everything is switched off so you can just concentrate on one another.

Basically, any genuine quality time that you can spend together with your kids will help reconnect after a bad day between you and your child.