How to Connect to Your Social Media-Obsessed Pre-Teen

From watching videos to latching onto TikTok trends, modern pre-teens have become obsessed with social media. Still, allowing kids to lose themselves on their phones can be unhealthy, not only to their physical and mental well-being but also for their connection with you. Here is how to connect to your social media-obsessed pre-teen.

Prioritize Family Communication

Teach your child emotional literacy. This is whereby they are able to express their emotions clearly, using descriptive words such as sad, overwhelmed, hurt, satisfied, or joyful. Show your pre-teen that it’s alright to express emotions and discuss them openly, thereby encouraging them to confide in you when they need to. This will build trust and strengthen your bond despite the abundance of social media.

Learn to Listen

While we as parents seem to instruct our kids by default, listening to them is also crucial. By showing them that you’re willing to listen to them and truly understand their feelings, you’ll embolden your pre-teen to open up to you and perhaps share issues that bother them once they come up.

Monitor Your Kid’s Routine

Although there’s nothing wrong with some screen time, it’s important that it doesn’t infringe on other activities that your child should be doing such as homework, chores, and extra-curricular activities as well as time with friends and family. While there’s no need to be a helicopter parent, make sure to keep a watchful eye from afar to ensure that social media does not take over your pre-teen’s schedule.