How to Avoid Being Overbearing With Your Child

As a parent, it can be easy to try and interfere in lots of your child’s life as you try to look out for and nurture their development. However, if you end up being overbearing and interfering too much, you can end up getting in the way of your child developing independence. Here are three ways you can try to avoid being overbearing with your child.

Open Communication

Having an open line of communication is the foundation of many elements of a great relationship with your child. Try to practice active listening when your child is expressing themselves, and avoid interjecting with your own opinion too much. You can also encourage them to express themselves by consciously not passing judgment when they open up to you. This will hopefully enable you to have a trusting relationship where they can express honestly if they feel your concern is overbearing.

Allow Independence

Allowing your child independence will depend on their age and it is something you will have to work out for yourself. It is, however, a vitally important part of your child’s development, and examples that you could try include letting them choose their own clothes, or go out into town by themselves (depending on their age of course).

Encourage Problem-Solving

A good mantra when it comes to encouraging your child to develop problem-solving skills of their own is to help them solve problems without solving them for them. If you show you are willing to engage with them and offer help without doing it for them, you will let your child know that you have confidence in their independence and intelligence, but are also there to help them.