How the Age of Parents Affects their Kids

Are you thinking to have a kid? You’re not sure if it’s better to wait and be more mature or to start having kids and be a young parent? A lot of researchers have conducted studies about it. They have studied the effect a parent’s age can have on the children he or she raises.

According to Susan E. Mayer, Ph.D., writing for the Ministry of Social Development, older parents tend to raise children that are better in many aspects.

However, psychologists say that age might not even be a factor to take into consideration. There are other important elements such as parental income.

Anyway, older parents tend to raise children better and there are a few reasons why this happens. Older parents tend to be able to spend increased income that tends to come with age on children’s education, parenting information and extracurricular activities.

Also, an older parent seems to have more knowledge to share with his kid. On top of it all, an older person is also more focused on strengthening his family relationships and less into the career and personal goals.

However, that’s really a big generalization because at the end of the day it’s all about the characteristics and skill of each parent, regardless of his age.