How Many Times Should Your Baby Nap Per Day?

Your baby’s sleep schedule is one of the most important things you’ll be paying attention to in the first year they’re born. There are many schools of thought on this topic regarding how often they should nap during the day and how often they shouldn’t, but which one is correct? If you’re wondering when your baby should during the day and for how long, here are some interesting thoughts on the matter.

Every Baby Is Different

While many so-called experts choose to ignore this very universal fact, all babies are unique in their own way. Sure, there are some helpful tips that can help a wide range of infants, it doesn’t change the fact that not every baby deals with things the same way. What works for one kid may not work the same for another, which is why you should always leave some wiggle room when creating your baby’s sleep schedule.

Two or Three Times

That being said, two or three times is generally a good amount of naps that a baby can take on any given day. They may take an hour-long catnap a few hours after they wake up, followed by another quick one after lunchtime. Finally, if your baby is having a particularly nappy day, they might even take another one around four or five o’clock as a pre-cursor to their nighttime sleep.