How Many Onesies to Buy for a Newborn

Alright, let’s talk baby prep basics: onesies. Every new parent finds themselves asking, “How many onesies should I buy?” It’s like trying to hit a moving target with how fast newborns grow. Let’s break down how to stock up smartly so you have just enough for those first few months.

Understanding Your Needs

The number of onesies you’ll need can vary based on several factors, including how often you plan to do laundry and whether you’ll receive hand-me-downs or gifts. Newborns can go through several outfits a day due to spit-ups, diaper leaks, and other small messes, so having a good supply of onesies can make life easier.

Ideal Numbers

For most families, having around ten to 15 onesies of varying sizes is a good starting point. 

It’s common for new parents to overstock on newborn-sized onesies, but many babies will outgrow these very quickly—some might not fit into them at all if they’re on the larger side at birth. Five to seven newborn onesies will likely be enough.

The zero to three months size will be the bulk of your initial onesies. Purchasing about eight to ten onesies in this size is advisable as babies typically spend more time in this clothing range. They provide more room for growth, which makes them a practical buy.