Houseplants That are Kid-Friendly

Many people love having houseplants in their homes. They brighten up the space and bring some lovely green life to your indoors. However, many of the popular choices are actually very harmful if ingested and so should be kept away from young children whose curiosity may get the better of them. This doesn’t mean houseplants are off the table when living with children though, and here are some kid-friendly options. 

Boston Fern

These lovely bright green plants are non-toxic, meaning they’re safe to have around children. They add some gorgeous freshness to any room, but be warned they can be a bit fussy with their preferred conditions.

Prayer Plant

The leaves of this fantastic plant are flat and green with dark red streaks running through. This makes them very distinctive and adds an amazing splash of color to their space. They’re also non-toxic, so they’re ideal for a home with kids. 

Spider Plant

Another brilliantly green plant that livens up your home in a stylish and attractive way. When looked after well, you can grow many new plants from the shoots that grow out of the ends of the leaves. These are perfectly safe to have around children. 

Christmas Cactus

This plant’s common name comes from the fact it often flowers over the holiday period, which is unusual for houseplants and a welcome addition to your home during the winter. In addition, they are non-toxic and pose no harm to children.