Home Remedies For A Cold

There is one common sickness that very people are exempt from, and that is the common cold. Most colds are caused by a virus that gets into your system, so antibiotics do not help that well.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that adults normally get a cold two to three times a year, so knowing home remedies is very important. Symptoms of a cold include a sore throat, congestion, a long cough, and aches around the body.

One of the most popular symptoms of a cold is a sore throat. There are several remedies to tackle a sore throat, but gargling salt water is one of the most effective. Most people gargle warm water with one teaspoon of salt mixed into it.

Home Remedies For A Cold

Another home remedy is gargling warm water mixed with honey and lemon. Be careful to make sure the water is not too hot because that can cause your throat to burn.

Nasal congestion and sinus pressure come along with colds. Taking certain over the counter medications can help control the severity of it, but steam can help instantly clear your sinuses.

Breathing in steam from a hot shower or humidifier can help soothe the tissue in the nose. If you do not have a humidifier, you can boil water on the stove and breathe it in. If you are to do this, make sure your eyes are closed because steam can cause irritation.

Also, always make sure to blow your nose properly after doing so. In order to blow the nose correctly, block one nostril and gently blow, and vice versa.