Here’s Why Goats Are a Great Family Project

Many families aim to have some land with their home. Having some outdoor space to use as you please is amazing, and it opens up so many doors. People sometimes have a clear idea of what they will do with this space, but other people may be looking for inspiration. If this is your situation, then an exciting thing to do is keep a small herd of goats. Here is why this would be great. 

They’re Cute

If you’ve ever spent time around goats you’ll know just how cute they are, especially when young. You and your children will love having these sweet animals around. 

They’re Funny

As well as being adorable, goats are pretty entertaining. Whether they are jumping around on rocks, making weird noises, or simply staring at you with their fascinating eyes, there will always be something funny to enjoy.

They Eat Almost Everything

It’s great having goats, as any garden and food waste can be given to them and they’ll happily munch away. You need to double-check as some things are toxic to them, but generally, they’re great at clearing away plant waste.

They Produce Dairy

This will require some planning to have an adequate system, but once set up you will have access to your own source of goat’s milk which is delicious, nutritious, and can be used for yogurt and cheese.