Here’s How to Get Your Kids Excited About Their Local Area

Getting kids interested in local history may seem unnecessary and impossible. But having this sense of connection to their surroundings can be really beneficial as it gives them a sense of belonging and allows them to fell more part of their community as they grow up. Here are some simple ways to gradually build their interest in the history and going ons of their local area. 

Take Them to Some Significant Sites

Whether it’s a simple story about local people in the area, or a more substantial historical event, going to the actual site of this occurrence will work wonders for children’s interest. Kids have the best imaginations, so get creative with it. You could reenact some scenes or take turns to get super elaborate with your descriptions of what happened. 

Make the Stories More Personal

For both kids and adults, it’s much easier to get invested in a tale when there’s a sense of connection to the people in it. Use the names of the people, or make it up if they’re unknown—just let your kids know so they don’t start to believe it all word for word. 

Relate it All to the Present Day

Most local history will pop up all the time in situations in the present day, such as in the names of places or certain rules and systems. Talk to your kids about this and they’ll start to see how exciting it is that all these moments in time link up eventually.