Here is How to Get Your Kids to Talk About Their Day

Parents want to know all about how their kids spend their day when they are at school or taking part in some other activities away from home. But sometimes, getting your kids to talk about their day can be quite challenging as they either avoid answers or reply with brief pieces of info. If you want to get your kid to be more open and talk about their day comfortably, here are some things you can do.    

Know How to Pick the Right Time

When they come back home, your kids will likely be tired and won’t have the energy to tell you about their day, even if they want to do it. So, wait until they get some rest and have something to eat before starting the talk about their day.

Ask Direct Questions

Suppose you ask broad questions like: “How was your day?” Your kids won’t know where to start. Instead, ask them direct questions about what they had for lunch, things they learned in geography, and similar.

Make it Feel Spontaneous

Your kids shouldn’t feel like they are being interrogated or at an interview. Make it feel spontaneous and carefree. One way you can do this is by pairing it with some activity like cleaning the table after dinner or during movie night.

Don’t Be Pushy

In case your kid still doesn’t want to open up about their day, don’t be pushy. Instead, let it go and try another day. This way, they will be more comfortable making it a routine thing.