Here is How to Get Your Kid to Leave the Playground When They Don’t Want To

We really can’t blame kids for wanting to spend the entire day at the playground. They are having fun, hanging out with their peers, and enjoying their carefree time. This is why it’s always challenging for parents when they need to break their kids’ playground sessions and take them home. Luckily, there are some things you can do that will help you get your kid to leave the playground even when they don’t want to.

Give Them a Heads Up 

It will be easier for your kid to leave if they know that their time at the playground is ending soon. Give them a heads-up 10 minutes before leaving, and that should give them enough time to process the fact that they need to go home.

Be Ready to Negotiate

Don’t be too strict about the time of departure if your kid is refusing to leave. Say you will add another 10 minutes to your original deadline, but that they then can’t complain about staying longer than that.

Let Them Know They’ll Be Back

Make sure that your kid realizes they will have a lot more opportunities to visit the playground at a later date. Tell them you will be back another day and that they won’t miss out on anything.

Bribe Them

If nothing else helps, be ready to do some bribing. Promise your kid that they will get a treat if they compile with your requests or say that they can enjoy some of their favorite activities when you get home.