Here Are Things Nobody Tells You About Having Twins

Having twins is genuinely a blessing for every parent. However, being a parent of twins comes with its own set of unique challenges. Continue reading to find out some things nobody tells you about having twins.

You’ll Be Exhausted with Little to No Time for Yourself

Your twins will require attention almost all the time. Providing them with the necessary care and juggling between sleeping times, feeding schedules, and their individual needs will leave you exhausted and with little to no time for yourself.

Having Twins is Really Expensive

Raising one kid comes with significant financial implications. But raising twins is, as expected, even more demanding from a financial standpoint. You’ll have to buy everything in pair of two, and things like healthcare and childcare will also cost at least double.

Expect Chaos and Mess

Having twins usually creates chaotic situations out of nowhere, so you will need to keep your cool if you want to be able to manage them. Also, expect a lot more mess, whether it’s dishes, clothes, or crayon-painted walls.

Sibling Rivalry is More Common

Sibling rivalry is particularly common in twins. They share a lot of things, so it is only natural for them to become competitive and want to have something that is just theirs. Expect to deal with this on a constant basis.

Having Twins Doubles the Joy

But all challenges become less important when you realize that you are experiencing double the amount of joy from your twins.