Help Your Kids Personalize Their Backpack With These Craft Ideas

Ever thought of a backpack as a blank canvas for creativity? Well, it’s time to unleash your child’s inner artist and designer all at once! Here are a few fun ideas for adding a touch of personality to your child’s backpack. 

Patch it Up

Patches are a classic way to add personality to any backpack. From embroidered patches of favorite characters to patches that represent hobbies or interests, there are so many options. You can either iron them on or sew them for a more permanent fix. Let your kids pick out patches that speak to them, and help them plan out where to place each one for a look that’s all their own.

Pin it Down

Enamel and button pins are another great way for kids to showcase their passions. Whether it’s animals, outer space, or pop culture, pins can easily be attached to a backpack’s fabric. This is a particularly flexible option since pins can be rearranged or swapped out any time your child’s interests change.

Fabric Markers Magic

For the artistically inclined, fabric markers are a great way to create custom designs directly on the backpack. Draw a simple name and doodle or go for a full-blown masterpiece. There are no limits!