Helicopter Parenting: What it is and Reasons to Avoid it

You probably heard about the term “helicopter parenting” or “helicopter parent.” It describes a parenting approach that sees parents trying to control every part of their children’s lives.

It is called “helicopter parenting” because parents are like helicopters, hovering over their kids at every step. They want to decide what their kids wear, how they behave, what kind of activities they do, and all sorts of other things. As you might guess, this is not the most ideal parenting approach. Here is why you should avoid it. 

Prevents Kids from Being Independent

When parents control every aspect of their child’s life, they prevent them from developing a sense of independence. This could cause them to still be dependent on their parents even when they grow up.

Kids Will Lack Important Life Skills

Part of being a parent is equipping children with important life skills that will allow them to become functioning adults. Helicopter parenting causes kids to adopt these skills too late or not at all.

Causes Low Self-Esteem

Kids might feel like their parents are not trusting them enough when they are a subject of helicopter parenting. This can lead to low self-esteem that will follow them later in life.

Brings a Sense of Entitlement

Helicopter parenting can get kids accustomed to having everything done for them. This will lead to a sense of entitlement, making them think that they will always have their way no matter the situation or circumstances.