Having Kids Can Revitalize Your Youthful Energy

There’s something about having kids that can really send a jolt to your system. All of your life, you’ve been living mainly for yourself—and all of the sudden, you’re now officially responsible for the life of someone else. This may seem tiring, and parents will certainly lament over the fact that they sleep considerably less. But what if we told you that you actually gain more energy as a parent? What if we told you that having kids can actually revitalize your youthful energy?

It’s Contagious

Getting old is something that cannot be stopped, and when we become adults this fact becomes clearer and clearer. However, having kids is a blessing in that it allows us to internalize our children’s exuberant, youthful energy. We don’t just mean that on a spiritual level—we mean that children have a way of reminding us how we used to be.

When you watch your toddler play with his or her toys, there’s something about that innocence that awakens a pure sense of joy within your soul. As they get older and go to school, you begin to revisit your old school days, and remember your youthful times. Essentially, you live vicariously through your amazing kids as they grow up and live their ways, and at the same time you get to be the mature adult and show them the ropes.