Games to Play With Kids on Long Journeys

Long journeys are hard enough already, let alone with children in the vehicle. As much as adults get bored and restless, kids feel this even worse and struggle to deal with it. It’s a good idea to have regular stops to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, and to have some simple games ready to go to distract you all from the boredom. Here are some ideas. 

I Spy

This is a classic for road trips for good reason. It’s so simple yet keeps people entertained for hours. It’s also great for spotting fun things along your journey that could well have been missed otherwise. 

Guess the Animal

A very simple but super fun concept. A person chooses an animal and the others have to guess what it is using “yes” or “no” questions only. You can set a limit to 20 questions, or just keep going until you guess it. This is a game that you’ll likely end up learning some cool facts from.

Guess the Song

This is a very fun one. Each person has to hum a tune and the others have to guess it. Your options may be a bit restricted with very young kids, but they’ll still enjoy the musical aspect of this.