Fun School Lunch Ideas for Your Kids

Are you looking for fun, new ways to surprise your kids to make school a little more enjoyable? Well, a tasty new lunch would certainly do the trick. Here are some fun school lunch ideas that are certain to cheer up your kids as they get through the school day.

Mild Chili

If your kids enjoy something spicy, then a mild chili will be sure to thrill them. Throw a couple of bread rolls into their lunch boxes too so that they can dip them into the sauce and truly dig into this scrumptious lunch.

Rice Crackers, Cheese, and Hummus

Not much food left in the fridge? Consider giving your kids a tasty mix of treats. Put together some rice crackers, assorted cheeses, and hummus, as well as some dried fruit, perhaps some olives, and a boiled egg. In addition to getting rid of leftovers that may have been wasted otherwise, you’ll also give your kids an interesting lunch filled with a variety of ingredients.

Grilled Meat and Rice

After eating a scrumptious beef dinner, you could throw some of the leftover meat into your kids’ lunchbox along with a side such as rice. Not only will this meal be filling and provide your kids with energy to face the day, but it is also easy to prepare—you simply have to put some leftovers in their lunchbox the night before.