Fun Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Toddler on a Snowy Day

If it is snowing outside, don’t let your toddler just watch the snowflakes fall from the sky through the window. Instead, dress them up in winter clothes, put their boots on, and do some of these fun outdoor activities.

Build a Snowman

You will have to do all the heavy lifting here, but your toddler can take part in all sorts of ways. Show them how to make small snowballs and tell them to copy you while you build a full-size snowman. Then, have them put on the face on both their mini version and the ones you’ve built.

Catch Snowflakes

This is an activity that will be loads of fun for your toddler and keep them entertained for quite a while. Show them how to catch a snowflake with their tongue, and then run around the backyard with them to catch as many as you can.

Draw in the Snow

Let your kid express their creativity on the snow. Give them a stick and encourage them to draw shapes on the snow canvas. You can also mix food coloring and water, pour it into a plastic bottle, pierce the top, and let them paint the snow.

Have a Sled Ride

This will likely be the most fun activity for your toddler. Seat them on a sled and pull them across the backyard. You can also create some artificial small hills to make the ride more exciting for them.