Fun Games You Can Play With Your Baby

Making sure that your kids have a wonderful life isn’t just about rearing them for the long haul—it’s also about the little things. Sometimes it’s about ensuring that the minor moments are held with joy and excitement, and this can be done by playing games with them. When it comes to playing fun games with your baby, you might think that your options are limited, but here are some you can play with them.


There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned game of peek-a-boo. Watch as your baby gets momentarily confused when you cover your eyes, only for them to light up the second you remove your hands. There’s really nothing quite like it!


Then of course there’s the one and only airplane simulation. You can test out your baby’s love for the thrill by raising them high up in the air and pretending that they’re an airplane. This is the kind of activity that’ll exhilarate them instantly, and they’ll love you for it as well.

The Tickle Game

This isn’t necessarily a game, but you can’t go wrong with tickling them. The sound of their laughter will be more than worth it, and the pair of you will share a bonding moment that you’ll always cherish.