Fun Craft Activities to Get You All in the Mood for Easter

Easter is a lovely holiday to celebrate. While its religious connection is significant, it’s also just a great time of the year and the perfect opportunity to celebrate springtime and new life. An ideal way to get in the celebratory mood is with some fun group craft activities. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Painting Hard-Boiled Eggs

Nothing says Easter more than some pretty pastel-colored eggs. This activity is so easy with kids and they’ll love the opportunity to let their imaginations run free. It will be lovely having everyone’s eggs at the end with the individual designs on and they’ll make for the perfect household Easter decorations.

Making an Easter Nest 

This activity is so perfect to do as a group as you can watch it all gradually coming together. You can choose to do this however you like, whether it’s a simple nest made of craft materials with some sweet decorations placed in it. Or you could build up a nest out of shredded paper and place edible treats in for a more indulgent version. 

Gathering an Easter Bouquet

As mentioned, Easter is the best time of year for appreciating new life and springtime. If you walk around your local park or woods then you’ll no doubt find some pretty flowers or leafy branches which you could gather a few of to put a pretty bouquet together.