Essentials When Vacationing With a Toddler

Going on holiday with a toddler may seem daunting, but with careful preparation and planning, there’s no reason the whole family can’t have great fun. When packing, make sure you don’t forget any of these essentials.


Don’t forget that depending on your destination, your toddler’s favorite food might not be available. One option is to batch cook a selection of foods they will eat, and bring some along for the start of the trip. Alternatively, get them used to eating some of the foods you might encounter while away. For example, if you’re setting off for Italy, serve lots of tomato pasta and pizza before you go. If your child has adjusted to some of the new flavors, it’s more likely they’ll find something they want to eat.


If your toddler is still in diapers, don’t forget to bring all of the equipment you’ll need to change them. It helps to factor in more diapers and wipes than you think you’ll need, as no one wants to spend their vacation traipsing around a store looking for those. If your child is recently potty trained, it may help to bring a potty with you on the trip. Sometimes, being in a new place can make kids feel a little anxious, and it helps to keep things as familiar as possible. Knowing that they have a potty available to use if needed will reduce any anxiety, and make accidents less likely to happen.


Wherever you’re going, bring plenty of toys and activities that will keep your child busy. No matter how exciting a beach, hotel, or city is, after a certain point most toddlers will get bored with their surroundings and want to play with a toy. Just make sure you don’t bring any really precious ones, or your child will be distraught if they get lost.