Essentials To Pack For A Day Trip With Kids

Summer is finally here, and the thought of a family day trip to the beach or countryside is almost too exciting. But before you go, these are some essentials that will make the day far more fun and comfortable for everyone. Read this list and check that you have everything you need before you set off.

Sun Protection

It’s not enough to sunscreen the kids in the morning, you need to take a supply of sun lotion with you. The children will also need hats, check that these fit them and are comfortable to wear, otherwise you are setting yourself up for a hat-wearing battle which you are sure to lose. Think about bringing some cover-ups, such as thin scarves or cotton T-shirts, that they can wear once they’re out of the water if you’re swimming. A parasol or umbrella will also provide shade on a beach and keep everyone cool.


Keeping everyone hydrated can be a battle on the hottest days. If you’re going in a car, take a cool box and pack it with drinks and crunchy fruit and vegetables such as melon, apple, and peas. This will give the kids something to snack on and you can be certain that they’re staying hydrated throughout the day.


For the car journey and for any downtime after lunch, bring packs of cards and games to keep everyone entertained. You could consider a coloring book and a set of pencils, and if the kids are into it, you could host a mini art competition, rewarding the winner with the best coloring with an extra candy bar or similar.


Make sure you have a way of playing music if you are taking the car. Whether it’s through your phone or old-school CDs, try and agree on some artists or tracks you’d like to listen to as a family before you leave. This will avoid any in car arguments, and the journey will pass more quickly if everyone’s singing along to some Beyoncé or Taylor Swift.