Enjoying the Time Spent with Your Kids

We may not know how to slow down time, but we do know how to make the time we do have you’re your kids more enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are our top tips.

An Unconventional Pre-Bedtime Activity

A walk in pajamas in the evening before bedtime can be a great way to calm your children down. Another benefit of this activity is spending quality time with them, of course – instead of watching TV. All you need to do is get them ready for bed, put them in their shoes, on their bikes or in their strollers, and take them around the neighborhood.

Parenting Meditation

This is where you focus on just looking at your kids, listening to them, understanding them. This will make you appreciate them for what they are—living, breathing miracles of nature.

Enjoying the Time Spent with Your Kids

DIY – With Their Help

Never change a tire, repair a leaky faucet, or paint the fence without your kids. DIY is a great way to spend time with them and have them learn about tools and life simultaneously.

Taco Night

Or pizza night, pancake night, Chinese night…it’s all about a special food night. Such nights are a great way to talk to your kids and increase their involvement in cooking.

Play Games Together

You probably do this. But are the games your children enjoy? Board and card games are generally a thing of the past. We encourage you to play video games with your kids, as long as they are age-appropriate. The benefits of this are that they’ll win and feel good about themselves and have fun mocking your lack of dexterity.