Each Parent Should Play to Their Strengths

Parenting is a great balance between thriving at something that’s incredibly natural to you and growing through challenges that are outside of your comfort zone. As we dive into this article, it may seem as though we’re negating the latter, but this is far from the case. Indeed, life is all about overcoming challenges that we’re not used to, and parenting is no different. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t lean into our strengths.

Each Parent Has Their Unique Skills

The idea of equal parenting is always good to endorse, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that both parents have to do the exact same job. Something that mom is good at might be something completely different than what dad is good at—and there’s no point in shying away from that fact.

Each Parent Has Their Unique Preferences

In addition to innate skill, there’s also something to be said about preferences as well. One parent may love giving baths, while another may enjoy reading their child a book at night. That doesn’t mean that the other parent can’t do it as well, but there’s nothing wrong with a parent “sticking to their lane” as long as both parents are totally cool with it. Sure, it’s good to experience as much as you can as a parent, but it’s also important not to get too strict about the way things “need to be”. Just do what feels natural, push yourself when you need to, and enjoy the process!