Dwayne Johnson’s Home Office is “Daddy Central”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a lot on his plate, being one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood and overseeing multiple successful businesses. However, this isn’t stopping him from finding ways to spend quality time with his daughters.

During a recent event, Johnson told People that his business success helped him get “closer” to his kids: 22-year-old Simone, seven-year-old Jasmine, and five-year-old Tiana because he has the ability to create his own schedule.

“And I think, in the spirit of creating my own schedule, it allows me to get closer to the girls, and where they’re around every corner, they’re with me,” Johnson shared.

According to Johnson, even when he’s busy working, his daughters make sure to drop by his home office and hang out there with him. 

“My office at the house is Daddy Central, where they’re always hanging out, so they’re always privy to all the stuff that’s going on,” he added.

Johnson is known for sharing plenty of moments with his daughters on social media. This can be anything from getting punished by them for “cussing” to taking them along for one of his many charity actions. And we are all here for it because they are adorable.