Drake Casts His Son in His Music Video for “8 AM in Charlotte”

Drake let his five-year-old son Adonis paint the cover for his latest album For All the Dogs—and it turns out that was just the beginning! The Canadian rapper recently dropped the music video for his latest single “8 AM in Charlotte” and he filmed it with Adonis by his side.

The video opens with Drake telling his son, “All right. Adonis, tell me about your beautiful piece of artwork that you sold me,” while watching his son hold his latest drawing. Adonis starts describing the story behind his new artwork, which includes a goat running away from monsters while burning flowers are blocking its way.

Adonis also explains that he wrote the word “daddy” next to the goat because his dad is the GOAT aka the greatest of all time. When Drake asks Adonis to tell the audience how much money he got for his drawing, he simply says “Oh, please” before the video fades into the first beats of “8 AM in Charlotte”.

Drake made his new album For All the Dogs a true family affair, and this isn’t the first time Adonis helped him promote its release, He also drew the album’s cover, which features a simple yet memorable drawing of a white dog with red eyes on the black background.