Don’t Worry if Your Teen Seems Like They’re Pulling Away

There are certain moments in every parent’s life where they must face obstacles regarding how their children are behaving. These challenging can come in a variety of different forms, and one of the most common is the feeling that your children are pulling away from you. This can be particularly common when children enter their late teen years. If it seems as though your child is going through something like that, here’s why you don’t need to worry.

They’re Becoming More Independent

As we just mentioned, it’s quite common for youngsters in their late teens to seem as though they’re pulling away. The truth is that they’re not pulling away from you as much as they’re exercising their own independence. After all, they’re anticipating a life in which they’ll be going off on their own, building a career, getting married, and eventually starting a family on their own.

When you frame it like that, you actually want your kids to seem like they’re pulling away from you during this age. You don’t want them to always have to rely on you, because that’s not conducive for maturity and growth. It’s a bit of a paradox, because we want our children to grow and become more independent, but at the same time, we’ll always miss the days when they needed us. But this, too, is an exercise for us as parents to appreciate our children and be proud of who they’ve become.