Does Your Child Have Unconventional Fears?

One of the most interesting things you encounter as a parent is analyzing just how unique each of your children are. They surprise you every single day, and often in ways you never even imagined were possible. For instance, one of your kids may display unconventional fears for things you never would’ve guessed. You may not even know how to respond, since you didn’t go through the same thing when you were a kid. So what’s the best course of action?


If your child is telling you that they’re afraid of something, and that particular thing isn’t something you ever thought anyone could be afraid of, don’t respond by judging them. Accept your child for who they are, and appreciate the fact that they feel comfortable enough to tell you that they’re afraid.

Talk Them Through It

Whether your child’s fear is a funny character in a movie, a creepy porcelain doll, or a kooky mailman who has a weird smile, talk it through with your child. Explain to them how they have absolutely nothing to be afraid of, but do so in a way that’s accepting, loving, caring, and not patronizing. Empathize with what your child may be going through, and try to make it into a fun little game. Even offer rewards to your child if they show that can “stand up” to their fears.