Does it Matter if Babies Skip the Crawling Stage?

When you’re a parent, it’s easy to get very caught up in the weeds over your child’s development, and whether or not it’s going well. It can be really easy to worry whether or not they’re reaching a milestone quickly enough, but sometimes that’s not the right approach. All babies are different in their own way, and thus it’s best not to overreact in these scenarios. A great example is crawling. How crucial is this stage?

It Can Be Skipped Over

Most parents automatically assume that crawling is considered a milestone that all babies need to reach at some point. However, many pediatricians actually don’t even consider it a milestone. They reason that as long as a baby is finding a way to get from point A to point B—whether it’s crawling, creeping, or even dragging themselves along the floor—this is considered great progress.

In fact, many babies skip right over the crawling stage and go right to walking. As they get older, they eventually realize they can crawl as well, but by that point in time, it doesn’t even matter. The point is, crawling isn’t considered to be a milestone by many professionals in the business—so if your baby is finding other ways to move around, be proud and don’t worry at all!