Do You Need a Travel Stroller?

Becoming a parent comes with a list of questions that you didn’t even know existed before you became one. You may have thought that only one stroller was necessary before having a child, but alas, that would make things too simple. It turns out that there are actually multiple kinds of strollers—a regular one and a “travel” one? But do you even need both of these? And if so, why?

Heavy Duty Vs. Compact

The stroller companies have really come a long way over the years. You can buy some serious heavy duty strollers nowadays, and they’re not all crazy expensive, either. When shopping for your “primary stroller”, the sky is the limit. The strollers they have are powerful, agile, smooth, airy, flexible, easily foldable, classy, and offer all kinds of cool gadgets attached to them as well. The only issue is, with all of these bells and whistles, they’re almost impossible to travel with.

That’s where the travel stroller comes in, which are generally much smaller and more compact. They’re a lot easier to travel with as a result, but in return you lose out on all the cool features that “regular” strollers have. Therein lies the dilemma. Technically you can just get a compact one and use that all the time, but you’d be giving up all the aforementioned features. In the same breath, you can avoid getting the travel one, but… you’d have a really hard time traveling.

Ultimately, the answer really comes down to what your budget is. If you can swing the extra dough and/or find one of them secondhand, we’d recommend getting both. Otherwise, you should still be fine, but be prepared for certain potential hiccups along the way.