Deena and Kristin of Big Little Feelings Are Helping New Moms Navigate Parenthood

With over three million followers and counting, Big Little Feelings is one of the most popular Instagram pages dedicated to new parents. Its founders Deena and Kristin are toddler experts dedicated to helping fellow moms navigate the early days of parenthood.

Big Little Feelings was founded by two BFFs and busy moms Kristin and Deena after they realized how hard it is to be a first-time parent. They struggled to find reliable and useful resources online after becoming moms and decided to create a safe space where other parents could go to when looking for some guidance.

In addition to having first-hand experience as moms of young children, Kristin is a parent coach with a background in international maternal childhood education, while Deena has years of experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist.

They decided to put their expertise together and create an online community in order to help other parents navigate all of the ups and downs of raising young children.

“Whether you’re a first-time parent, running a mini daycare in your living room, or have a PhD in child psychology, parenting is hard, and finding simple, trusted, and practical advice for the everyday challenges isn’t any easier,” the duo explains on their official website.