Decor Ideas For the New Baby’s Room

Having a baby on the way is incredibly exciting and there is a lot to prepare. You won’t want to be carrying out loads of DIY once the newborn is home, so getting the baby’s bedroom ready may well be a priority on your list. There are so many options to create a calming and cozy room, and here are just a few ideas. 

Homemade Mobile

Hanging mobiles are great for young babies as it gives them something to look at and reach for which aids their development. Make sure they can’t actually reach it as this could be risky. But choose some pretty objects that aren’t too heavy and attach them to strings. You can then attach the strings to a plastic or wooden ring and hang them from the ceiling. 

A Wall Stencil

There are loads of options for this and gives the room a fun playful feel. Choose a pretty tree or an animal-themed one for an exciting wall image that your baby will grow up with. 

Some Fun Furniture

Having a room for a baby or young child is great as you can get creative and choose some fun items that you’d never normally have. For example, a car-shaped bed or a fluffy armchair.