Dads are Taking Over the Parenting Scene

In the past, American society has viewed mothers as the primary caregivers of their children. Even if men and women co-parent their children and share equal responsibility, typically, the moms are the ones who are viewed as the predominant parent figure. Men have traditionally held work focused roles and women have stayed at home to care for their children.

However, times are definitely changing and there has been an increase in fathers who act as the primary caretaker. According to a Pew Research study, American dads in the year 2014 were reported to be spending almost triple the amount of time watching and being with their children than men in the 1960s.

This shift in the dynamic of parenting roles has not only enabled women to feel more confident when attempting to reach their career goals, but it has also shaped workplace culture and has challenged traditional standards of the past. Fathers and their involvement in their children’s lives have so much developmental impact and it is very refreshing to see the number of dads who are taking a more active role in parenting their children. Different groups, clubs, and meet up forums have been created for an outlet for these fathers to connect, share experiences, and embrace the joy of parenting.