Dad Shares Things That Make His Son Happy, and It’s So Cute

Kids have a simple approach to happiness. Ask them what makes them happy, and in most cases, they will tell you what it is. And more often than not, it will be the thing that you least expect as a series of videos posted by TikTok user @babysamanddad show.

In the clips, which have attracted quite a lot of attention on social media, Dad asks his two-year-old Sam to tell him what makes him happy. Sam responds in the cutest way possible, and the dad makes sure the little guy enjoys his moments of happiness right away.

There are lots of things that make Sam happy. It can be something simple like watching the animated show Peppa on his Kindle.

Sometimes, Sam is happy when he helps his dad with the garden, watering the plants and cutting the grass.

Other TikTok users enjoy watching things that make Sam happy, and make sure to let him know in the comments section.

“You know what makes me happy Sam? Watching your adorable videos,” one user wrote.

“Do you know what makes me happy Sam? Seeing your wee face on my fyp. Instant smile,” another user added.

Scroll below to find out more things that make Sam happy.


More things that make #babysam happy! He loves all things Music! #cutebaby #talkingbaby #DJ

♬ original sound – Baby Sam

More things that make #babysam happy. Surely most can relate to this?! #cutebaby #talkingbaby #pizza

♬ original sound – Baby Sam