Dad Shares a Funny Video Using Santa to Get His Kid to Eat Dinner

Every parent has a trick they use to convince their kid to eat dinner they are not too happy about eating. Some opt for bribes, others use threats, while TikTok content creator Dave Ogleton turns to Santa for help.

In a funny video recently posted on his TikTok account FitDad, Ogleton shares the differences between his views on parenting before and after he had kids. 

Before he had kids, Ogleton was against bribes and threats and set on to “parent my kids way different”. But after becoming a parent, Ogleton changed his approach completely.

Ogleton can be seen acting out a situation in which his kid is refusing to eat dinner. Instead of arguing, the TikToker simply “rings” Santa.

 “Santa? Hey, how are you?” Ogleton says on the phone. “So, we got Preston here, who was refusing to eat his dinner.”

Ogleton proceeds to ask Santa how he could get Preston demoted from the “nice” to “naughty” list.

“Santa says he’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. You better eat your chicken, green beans, and rice,” he tells Preston, who immediately starts eating his meal.


Tis’ the season to weaponize Santa Claus 🎅🏼

♬ original sound – Dave FitDad Ogleton

The video quickly spread on social media, getting close to three million views and revealing that many other parents are using the same tactic with various degrees of success.

“I literally paid for an app that had Santa call me. not even joking,” one user commented.

“Nah I tried this with my son and he said ‘put him on speaker phone,’” another added.