Crucial Safety Advice to Keep Your Kids Safe at Home

While you may view your home as a safe haven for your kids, it’s important to remember that accidents happen. This is especially true if you sometimes aren’t able to keep a watchful eye over your children. This was exactly the case with Texas mom of two Juli Simmons, whose son was injured when a chest of drawers in the playroom fell over. Here is some crucial safety advice to ensure that your children stay safe in your home.

Furniture and TV flip-overs are more common than you think. In fact, a study found that nearly 19,000 children have been treated in U.S. emergency departments for furniture or TV tip-over injuries annually. Clearly, this is an unavoidable issue that needs to be addressed. The question is how?

Start by ensuring that furniture such as cabinets and cupboards go as far up against the wall as possible. This is crucial to ensure that your kids have maximum space to move without bumping into anything. The same goes for TVs. Make sure that heavier items are stored in lower drawers and lighter items are stored higher in order to anchor the furniture down to the ground. Finally, use anchoring devices to attach furniture to the wall. This will be your number one tool to ensure that furniture remains in place no matter how hard it is bumped.