Creative Strategies You Can Use to Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time

All parents know how important it is to limit their children’s screen time, but actually doing this is easier said than done. If you’re looking for effective ways to help your kids keep their screen time on the lower side, these four strategies will get you there.

No-Screen Zones

Choose designated areas in your home where screens are not allowed. A dining room is the most popular choice because ditching phones makes it possible to enjoy a nice meal as a family without distractions.

Lead By Example

It’s important to lead by example and try to limit your own screen time before teaching your kids to do the same. You can even do a family challenge and reward family members who successfully lowered their screen time each week.

Bedtime Activities

Many kids (and adults) tend to scroll through social media before bedtime. You can help your little ones ditch this bad habit by taking their phones away an hour before bed and encouraging them to focus on other activities, such as reading and journaling.

Screen-Free Nights/Days

Introduce screen-free nights – or even days – where you’ll enjoy other fan activities as a family. From playing board games and doing puzzles to going on treasure hunts and gardening together, the list of fun screen-free activities is pretty much endless.