Craft Ideas for a Rainy Day

If the weather is closing in and rain is in the forecast, get out these simple but easy crafting activities to keep the kids (and yourself) occupied. You can thank us later!

Peg Dolls

Go to a hardware or craft shop and pick up a multipack of old-style wooden pegs. Get some PVA glue, felt tip pens, string, glitter, and fabric, and spend an afternoon creating some peg dolls. Draw faces and other features onto the pegs using the pens and create clothing and hair from the fabric and string. This activity can be extended to create homes and cars for the dolls using old cardboard boxes.

Learn to Crochet

To crochet, you need some yarn and crochet needles, and a good beginner’s video on Youtube. Once you’ve got the hang of the technique, you can crochet hats, coasters, blankets, and decorations. Hours of fun, and you’ve all learned a new skill!

Flower Pressing

With a flower pressing kit, you can create stunning pressed, dried flowers to use in a variety of crafting activities. Go into the garden and select flowers that are already looking a little worse for wear (this way, you’re less likely to take blooms that bees and other pollinators need for nectar). Press them in the flower press, and then use them to decorate cards, handmade soap, or even cakes.