Co-Parenting: Communication is Key

There are many different parenting styles out there. Some parents prefer to be strict and closely monitor their children. Others prefer to be more of a friendly character in their children’s’ lives in order to instill a sense of personal responsibility and trust between them and their kids. Whatever the case may be, there are many positives and negatives associated with both forms of parenting. And while no one truly knows which form of parenting is best, what is known is that a consistent style of parenting is very important.

Nowadays, for many different reasons, couples can get divorced pretty often. When a divorced couple shares children, it is important that they not only remain cordial with each other, but also that they communicate and collectively decide on a parenting style together. Sometimes this is difficult because obviously, not all marriages that end in divorce are due to solely drifting apart.

Many marriages can fail due to infidelity or another issue that would most likely ruin the relationship between parents. However, even in extreme cases where parents hate each other, it is important to put differences aside, at least long enough to discuss what rules they will set for their children.

Co-Parenting: Communication is Key

Setting guidelines for parenting with your ex-partner is crucial in maintaining the stability of your children’s lives. For example, if a couple separates, and the mother allows her children to eat whatever fast food and candy that they want, while their father feeds them nutritious, square meals, these children may develop binge habits when they are with their mother. This is just one example of the disparities that a lack of communication between co-parents can cause.

Again, regardless of your feelings towards one another, it is very important for your child’s sake that you and your co-parenting partner communicate certain guidelines for your children. This will create consistency in the child’s life when everything else, in terms of having to live with two separate parents, seems to be falling apart.  Being able to put differences aside for your children’s benefit will enhance your relationship with them, and foster a positive relationship with the other parent as well.