Consider this When Volunteering for Your Kids Events


Many parents just love the thought of getting involved with many aspects of their child’s lives. One of the easiest ways to do this is to volunteer for your children’s events. Whether it be school field trips, parent-sponsored parties, or soccer tournaments, it is easy for parents to get involved in almost any event of their child.

Along with the pride of being able to call yourself a good parent, there are also many struggles that go along with involving yourself in these occasions. Some parents don’t even choose to involve themselves in these volunteering situations in the first place and are sort of thrown into them. If you are not one to go out of your way to volunteer at one of your children’s events, beware of the email chain.

This is usually an email sent to many parents requesting sponsorship of some sort of snack, beverage, decoration, or assistance for an event.

If you accept the inquiry to contribute to the event, you may then enter into a spiral of competition and stress. For one, you are most likely not the only parent that was asked to prepare some sort of baked good for the event.

Therefore, many parents find themselves spending many more hours than anticipated in order to bake up the best dessert- one that will make all of the other parents jealous. Along with this, the struggle continues once you attend the event. Maybe you expected to spend some nice bonding time with your kid? Well, they will most likely want to hang out with their friends and therefore you will be stuck making small talk with all of the other parents.

But hey, maybe you can all bond over the fact that your kitchen is overflowing with bakeware, trial cookies, and burnt brownie batter.