Check Out These Great Ideas for a Weekend Breakfast Spread

Family weekend breakfasts are worth making an effort for—when else is it possible for everyone to get together to talk and eat delicious food around the table without someone having to rush off to school or work? Creating a sumptuous spread of lots of favorite foods is a great way to encourage everyone to get up and join in, so even if you have some lie-in-loving teenagers, you’re guaranteed to get the whole family around the table with these breakfast spread ideas!

Pastry Selection

Why not treat everyone to a feast of delicious pastries? Of course, you could make these yourself, but the pastry is notoriously tricky to perfect, so no one will mind if you opt for store-bought. If you’re conscious about not overdoing the sugar at breakfast, opt for plain croissants and make sure there’s plenty of fresh fruit and yogurt available to balance the spread.

Frozen Yogurt

For a summery twist on a breakfast classic, why not try serving up some delicious frozen yogurt? It’s got less sugar and is, therefore, healthier than ice cream, and you can provide a range of topping options so that everyone can create their own bowl of frozen yogurt goodness.

Pancake Stacks

Pancakes are a breakfast classic for a reason—they’re simply delicious, and easy to change up depending on which toppings you opt for. Even better, pancakes can be made in advance and then warmed in an oven when you’re ready to serve, so if you’re up before the kids why not get ahead of things by making the batter and frying up a few pancakes in advance?