Charlize Theron Explains How Her Relationship with Older Daughter Changed Once She Started Middle School

Being a parent means watching your children go through countless changes that life brings their way – especially once they start going to school. Charlize Theron’s older daughter Jackson recently started middle school, and the Oscar-winning actress admitted their relationship significantly changed after that.

In a recent interview with People, Theron admitted it was sad to send her 11-year-old daughter Jackson off to middle school. She said that their relationship is “a whole different game” now because Jackson doesn’t even want to hug her as much as she used to anymore.

This is a huge change for Theron to adjust to, but she’s prepared for it because she’s fully aware that constant changes are an essential part of parenting.

“There’s something about having kids that you’re so aware of the changes that come and they happen really fast and it’s just a tremendous jump from one year to the other. So it’s always exciting to see where they’re going to go in the next year,” the actress explained.

Theron is the mother of two daughters – Jackson, adopted in 2012, and August, adopted in 2015. She previously told People that adoption was always the first option for her and that she’s been interested in adopting ever since she became aware of overflowing numbers of children in orphanages in her youth.