Channing Tatum is an Accomplished Children’s Book Author

Most people know Channing Tatum as a Hollywood superstar, but it turns out that acting isn’t his only talent. The Magic Mike star is also an accomplished children’s book author, and he just recently published the third book in his bestselling Sparkella series.

Tatum made a name for himself in Hollywood with roles in franchises Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street, but he turned to an interesting side gig in recent years. After parting ways with Jenna Dewan, Tatum developed an even stronger bond with their daughter Everly—and she inspired him to try his luck as a book author.

Tatum found his inner child in quarantine and the fear of being a single dad eventually prompted him to write his first children’s picture book: The One and Only Sparkella.

“I was looking up YouTube on how to braid hair. Like, I didn’t want to be the dad that was just delivering a kid to school looking like she had just slept on the street. This series of books kind of came from that. It was really trying to figure out how to talk to a little girl,” he told Today.

The third installment in this series, The One and Only Sparkella and the Big Lie came out on May 30, and he described it as his favorite Sparkella book yet.