Can You Work From Home While Watching Your Baby?

Remote work culture has certainly affected the way we live our daily lives. When we know we’re able to work from home, it causes us to wonder what else we’re able to get done while we’re at home. One common example of this is watching a baby that’s too young for school. When remote work didn’t exist, you were either a stay-at-home parent or you simply hired a babysitter. Nowadays, some parents feel they can both work and watch their baby—but is this possible?

It’s Possible—But Extremely Hard

Anything is possible if you really try to make it work. But just because something is possible doesn’t mean you’re not making sacrifices. In this particular case, you’re making huge sacrifices at that.

First of all, assuming that you’ll be able to watch your child while also working from home is a tad disingenuous to your employer, who believes you’re exerting all your energy to your job. But even if you’re somehow able to convince yourself that your moral standpoint is pure, there are numerous reasons why it’s still not a good idea.

The main problem is that you’re never fully present with anything you’re doing. You’ll be neglecting your child because you’re constantly going to be going back to your laptop or Zoom meetings. At the same time, you’ll be neglecting your work because of how much your child needs you—it’s simply unavoidable.

This is a very stressful existence and one that’s hard to live with. It’s highly recommended to either take maternity leave in order to care for your baby or hire someone to give all their attention to your child while you focus on work and bring home the big bucks.