Can You Take a Stroller and Car Seat On a Plane?

When it comes to traveling with little kids (or babies for that matter), it’s a little more complicated than feeding them before the flight and hoping they fall asleep from takeoff to arrival. There are a handful of things you need to prepare for, such as how you’re going to take a stroller and car seat with you. These things aren’t exactly considered carry-on items, so how does that work when it comes basic traveling?

Storing It Underneath

It’s true that your stroller and car seat aren’t considered carry-ons, and therefore you can’t take them on the plane. But most airlines will allow you to bring them with you all the way to plane and then stow it underneath the aircraft once you get to the gate. This allows you to transport your child throughout the airport and simply hold them when you need to take your seat.

If your child is a baby, then you’ll probably have to hold them on your lap the entire flight. If they’re old enough to walk and sit in their own seat, the process becomes even more convenient.

As far as the car seat and stroller, you can choose to have the airline staff put them under the plane as they are. But there’s another option, and one we highly recommend—buy yourself specific bags that you can fit your car seat and stroller into. They exist, and this will protect your items from getting damaged underneath the plane.