Calming Exercises to Try While Pregnant

Being pregnant is exhausting. The experience of growing a human being inside your body has a huge range of painful and uncomfortable outcomes and can leave many areas of the body feeling sore and tender. However, this intense experience doesn’t necessarily mean you want to sit around all day, so here are some ideas for gentle yet effective exercise. 


Walking is one of the best and most accessible forms of exercise. It’s super gentle but has great benefits for the whole body. It can also help clear the mind and help you achieve a meditative state. Walking is a lovely activity when solo or with other people. 


Swimming is perfect for pregnancy, as it’s a gentle but effective movement for the whole body. The incredible thing about swimming is that the water takes the weight of your body, so this is perfect for giving yourself a break from supporting the baby all the time. 


You may want to attend a specific prenatal yoga class to ensure your movements will be comfortable for you and the baby, or you may be able to find tutorials online. However you go about it, this kind of movement is an ideal way to get some gentle exercise while pregnant. As well as the benefits on your body, yoga is known to help people feel calmer and more peaceful.