Buying Your Children Their First Phone? Here’s What To Know About Parental Control Settings

Ah, the monumental moment has arrived: you’re considering buying your child their first phone. While handing over that shiny device unlocks a world of possibilities for them, it also opens up a can of worms in terms of what they can access. Let’s dive into the world of parental control settings together.

Setting Up Screen Time Limits

One of the primary concerns for parents is how much time their children spend on their phones. Excessive screen time can impact sleep, homework, and even interpersonal relationships. Parental controls can help manage this by setting daily limits on phone use, specifying times when the phone can’t be used (such as during dinner or bedtime), and even restricting access to certain apps or functions at specific times.

Filtering Content

Protecting your child from inappropriate content is another key piece. Most devices offer content filtering options that can block access to adult content, violent material, and other not-safe-for-kids websites and apps. 

Monitoring Communication

Lastly, knowing who your child is communicating with can help protect them from cyberbullying and online predators. Parental controls can allow you to monitor call logs, text messages, and social media interactions. Some systems provide alerts when certain keywords are detected in messages, indicating potential concerns that may need your attention.