British Toddler Speaks in an American Accent After Watching Ms. Rachel

A mom from Great Britain named Kelly Convey is slightly regretting her decision to let her toddler Bea watch videos from YouTuber Rachel Griffin-Accurso, aka Ms. Rachel. It turned out that Bea was so fascinated by Ms. Rachel that she now speaks with an American accent.

Convey recently shared this unusual story in a video uploaded on TikTok that was already watched five million times.

“Has anybody else got a British — and I have to stress, British — toddler who watches Ms. Rachel and, as they’ve started to speak, you realize they’ve actually got an American accent,” Convey says at the beginning of the clip.

Convey then asks Bea to say the words “car,” “more,” “ears,” and “zebra,” and the toddler proceeds to pronounce them in an American accent.

As it turns out, other parents have been experiencing similar things with their toddlers. One mom from the US commented on Convey’s video, saying that her toddler actually developed a British accent by watching the popular UK animated show Peppa Pig.

“My very American toddler developed a British accent from Peppa Pig, and it’s turned Australian from Bluey,” @dech542 wrote in the comments section.

So there you have it. If you don’t want your toddlers to develop foreign accents, be careful about the things they watch. But, if you ask us, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.