Breastfeeding Can Reduce Diabetes Risk

New scientific and medical research studies seem to be introduced into the field every day. These studies examine numerous subjects ranging from consumption of which fruit best prevents cancer growth in rats to which color will increase a person’s mood the most during the winter. These various research studies can offer valuable insights for how to treat a wide range of medical conditions to even giving consumers an idea of what foods to purchase to live and enjoy a healthier life.

Many of these studies take place with years of research to back them up. One recent study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine that took place over a 30 year period. This study examines how breastfeeding has a direct correlation with one’s risk of getting diabetes in the future.

According to this study, mothers who breastfeed their children for six months may have a much lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Another statistic of this study shows that type 2 diabetes affects approximately 1.9 percent of US women between the ages of 20 and 39, which is the age gap where most childbirths occur.

There are many other studies out there that show the benefits of physical development by breastfeeding for the baby, but now it is clear that there are benefits to be obtained by the breastfeeding mother as well. As well as expressing the correlation with diabetes reduction, this study also shows how a lower risk of ovarian and breast cancer may be linked to breastfeeding as well.